"MERNIK" bureau for geodetic assessment was founded on September 16th 2003 with its head office being in Zemun, where it remains to this day. It was established by Branislav Pavlović (a geodetic engineers, proprietor, CEO and entrepreneurship license holder) and a geodetic field specialist. For ten years of service as the principal of government’s Zemun Cadaster "PIK Zemun" JSC, he had acquired shire know-how in field work and in the area of legal matters of law concerning this field of work. His resolution to start up on his own way was 100% spot-on.

When it came to choosing the name for the future business there was not much qualm. His preference was an old, traditional Serbian name for the surveyor - MERNIK, as the occupation was once officially called and inscribed in formal papers.

Guided by our slogan, "Have the right measure", from the first day until now, as is sure to remain in the future, we managed to preserve and mend an enviable reputation and level of work to an advanced, modernly equipped and skilled engineers and surveyors. The approach is that there is no lesser or trivial work and that the biggest pyramid is made from many small and well carved stones.

We have ambitious plans for the future that we constantly build from 2003. We hope you will contact us and allow us to set performance standards to an ever advanced level!

Branislav Pavlović






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How to find Us?

"Mernik" beauro
Magistratski trg 3,
TC Zemunikum,
11080 Zemun
Belgrade, Serbia

Telephone number:

+381 (0) 63 / 317 952

E-mail address:

TIN: 103074952
Bank account: 295-1230437-39 (domestic)
ID number: 56068678
Activity Code: 7490 (domestic)


Phone number:



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