We are licensed and authorized to offer you the following services in the field of geodesy:


  • Survey of buildings with and without use permits, marking into the cadaster, development of the geodesic legalization records
  • Marking the position of an facility on the ground
  • Recording the position of the ground and the issuance of certificates of that position
  • Monitoring the flow of construction, installation of building parts and the overall control
  • Recording and monitoring the settlement of the building and it’s elements 
  • Installation of equipment and machinery within and around the building
  • Recording the position of objects in relation to school facilities
  • Recording changes into the cadaster and land registry department


  • Identification of the (position) plot in the field, plan and Aerial Photos
  • Renewal of parcel boundaries (delimitation)
  • Division of land and usage contracts 
  • Recording and production of cadastral topographic plans (digital and print format certified by Republic Geodetic Authority)
  • Recording and production of situational plans
  • Development of projects for geodetic marking for the parcel project allotment
  • Implementation of urban projects and re-parceling projects into the cadaster and their transmission (Marking) at the Court (the materialization of the building allocation)
  • Recording changes into the cadaster and land office branch
  • Developing rules of regulation


  • Еxpertise in the field of civil engineering - specialist on geodesy
  • Recording, routing and design flow of underground utilities
  • Realignment of roads and infrastructure networks
  • Consulting related to the land register, cadaster, land registration, land status and real estate affairs


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